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Welcome Our Newest Agent - Lue Russell

Dr. Lue Russell is a licensed Realtor® in both Louisiana and North Carolina. She has a strong devotion to the faith community and works diligently to provide each of her clients with the upmost ethical and efficient services she can.

Dr. Lue Russell is founder of Hearts of Fire Ministries and founder of Hearts of Fire Five-Fold Fellowship Alliance. She currently serves as the Apostle of Administration and Co-Pastor of Hearts of Fire Church along with her husband and Senior Pastor, Bishop Terry Russell in Hammond, LA. She is also Executive Administrator of the Louisiana Gospel Crusaders Fellowship and is recognized as a Research Leader for her work with Robert Wood Johnson around Health and Community.

Dr. Lue Russell is a recent graduate of the Congressional Black Caucus Institute in Advocacy and Campaigning and holds a Bachelor of General Studies Degree in Operations Management from the University of New Orleans, a Masters Degree in Post Graduate Education Counseling from Xavier University and a Doctor of Arts Degree in Theology from Trinity Christian University. She is past Organizer for the State of Louisiana with Faith In Action, a National Social Justice Organization, and past Clergy Lead with Baton Rouge LA’s ReCast Coalition, to rebuild a resilient community after trauma. She is past CEO of Multicultural Tourism for the City of New Orleans. She has held many board and committee appointments and has received many awards, certificates of appreciation, and national recognition for her work. Dr. Russell believes in serving God by serving His people and is recognized as a Community Social Justice Leader and is a sought after speaker around Women in Ministry and Community Organizing.

Homeownership is a major milestone, and Dr. Lue Russell appreciates this sentiment greatly. Her work within the faith community and as a dedicated Realtor® are greatly important to her, and she looks forward to the opportunity to work with new clients to bring their homeownership dreams to fruition. Dr. Lue Russell brings so much to our team, and we look forward to her continued success with our brand behind her!

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