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Welcome Our Newest Agent - Rosalind Murr

URE Partners would like to welcome our newest agent, Rosalind Murr!

Rosalind comes from a historical family, as for generations, the Caire family has owned and managed Caire & Graugnard Sugar along the Mississippi River.

Through her father, Rosalind was raised viewing properties all over South Louisiana and this undoubtedly spurred her love of real estate. He worked in real estate for a time to raise his family of six daughters.

After gaining a BA in Journalism with a business minor, Rosalind worked as news reporter for KHOM-FM and News Director of KTIB-AM radio and hosted her own daily talk show. This led to her Public Relations career at Entergy, where she also orchestrated many public events. She was a training facilitator, Business Office Advisor, and Executive Speech Writer. Rosalind was a liaison with the New Orleans Council on Aging as the Helping Hands Fuel Fund Administrator, working to assist the low-income & seniors of New Orleans to provide electrical utility assistance. During this time, she began to acquire and manage investment rental properties. With over 25 years experience of buying, owning, and managing many properties and tenants, Rosalind has an extensive knowledge in this specialty.

Rosalind has lived and sold on both shores of Lake Pontchartrain and is passionate about guiding her clients through the process of finding their next home or investment property.

Welcome to the team, Rosalind!

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