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Spring Has Sprung!

Don't let the recent chilly weather trick you - we're officially in spring season! As we begin to make our way outdoors again, don't forget to check off your spring cleaning list. Whether you're planning to stay in your home for the long haul or it's on the market and you want it sold yesterday, there's tons of easy tasks you can do to improve the cleanliness of your home!

A top-to-bottom cleaning is an easy task once you break it down. We've compled these easy spring cleaning tips room-by-room to get you started.


Whole Home

  1. Dust & Wipe Down Interior Walls Start with a simple solution of mild dish soap with water and a clean rag to remove those pesky smudges and hand prints.

  2. Wash the Windows Squeegee from top to bottom for a spotless shine!

  3. Refresh Your Carpets & Rugs Whether you allow shoes in the house or not, you'd be amazed how much dust, dirt, and debris are collected on our floors - especially in carpeting! For the most bang for you buck, we suggest having your carpeting and area rugs be professionally cleaned yearly to combat the dirt.

  4. Wipe Down Door Knobs, Light Switches, Remotes, & Other High-Touch Items

  5. Organize Closets & Pantries It may not be the most exciting way to spend a few hours, but a little effort goes a long way when organizing these small storage spaces. If you find clothing that you haven't worn in the last 18 months, consider donating them to declutter the space. Wiping down shelves and donating non-perishable food items is another great way to clean in the pantries.

Living Areas

  1. Dust & Vacuum We all have a vacuum routine where we cover the high-traffic areas, but now it's time to focus on the spots we usually miss, like shelves, ceiling fans, bookcases, lamp shades, curtains, etc. Pro tip: move your furniture around to catch those dust bunnies who've taken residence in the harder to reach nooks and crannies.

  2. Wash Cushions, Throw Pillow Covers, and Throw Blankets Remember to check the care instructions prior to washing your items.

  3. Clean & Organize Kids' Spaces Go through your kid's toys and consider donating items they've outgrown or haven't shown interest in for a while. Sanitize plastic toys and throw the soft toys that can't be sprayed down.


  1. Degrease & Disinfect Cabinets If you cook with oil (like 99% of Louisiana), chances are you've got plenty tiny bits of grease splatter in your kitchen and especially around your stove. Get started with a dish soap, water, and a clean towel. After you've wiped down the cabinets, make sure to do a second cleaning over the door handles and knobs.

  2. Clean Your Oven & Microwave Luckily most ovens are equipped with a self-cleaning feature. Once you get this started, turn your attention to your microwave. Remove the tray and clean the inside with a quick soap and water wipe down.

  3. Clean Out Your Refrigerator & Freezer Here's your reminder to pull out that bag of lettuce you swore you'd eat 5 months ago! Remove everything from your refrigerator and wipe it down before putting back the non-expired food. Also take the time to inspect the items in your freezer for any freezer burn and dispose of out-of-date items.


  1. Wash All Bedding and Pillows Yes, you can wash your pillows! Just make sure to read the care instructions and cleaning directions on the tag.

  2. Rotate Your Mattress Your back will thank you later!


  1. Organize Cabinets & Drawers Go through your makeup drawers, medicine cabinets, and toiletries to remove expired and unecessary items.

  2. Scrub Your Shower, Bathtub, & Sinks Time to break out the scrub pads! Make sure there's plenty ventilation in the room when using heavy-duty cleaners.

  3. Wash Your Curtains & Bathmats Check the care instructions - most shower curtains can be thrown in the washing machine!

  4. Give the Toilet a Much-Needed Deep Cleaning We know you've been avoiding this task, but it has to happen!

If you've made it this far, you're a spring cleaning hero! And if this list feels daunting - we completely understand! Remember that 'spring cleaning' is referred to as a yearly occurence because most of us don't enjoy it at all. There's no problem with taking on whatever small chores you can when you have time. Your home will thank you!

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