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Congrats on 1 Year with URE - Ronda Smith

Today we're celebrating Ronda Smith on her first year with United Real Estate Partners! Ronda is a seasoned Realtor® with a strong focus on affordable housing developments and first-time home buyer programs. Her outstanding work in the real estate field has also been recently recognized as a 2022 Silver Level award recipient from United Real Estate's Millennium Club. We checked in with Ronda to learn more about her and her success as a Realtor®, and found that the more we listened, the more we understood her passion in this field!

How did you choose a career in real estate?

According to Ronda, receiving her license was supposed to be part-time, "but God had other plans in store and I took His lead." Before venturing into real estate she acted as Program Manager/Director for a non-profit organization developing affordable housing for first-time homebuyers in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes, and this experience gave her a deep understanding of the needs of this demographic. During her tenure, Ronda found that some of her clients were not receiving the level of service they deserved. This prompted her to obtain her real estate license to assist the organization in marketing their properties in-house and ensure that her clients received the best service possible.

What's your favorite part about being a real estate agent?

Ronda tells us that every transaction is different, and it keeps her on her toes. "I love how every day I'm constantly meeting new people and the spice it brings to life. I understand that my clients depend on me to provide them with all the information available to make the best decision for their family, and it's a responsibility I'm grateful for. My clients know I'm not afraid of a challenge and therefore if things become difficult I'm ready to come up with solutions. Nothing beats the excitement of seeing their faces when they receive the keys to the doors that lead them to their happy place. It's as if you give them the key to the kingdom."

What types of technology do you use to improve your selling and showing process?

"Real estate today is completely different thanks to tech! It's really been a great asset to my abilities to better assist my clients, whether they're here locally or across the world. Buyers are able to tour homes via photo and video, so we're able to focus better on exactly what they're looking for. And if their schedules are too hectic or they're out of town, I'm able to show them homes through video call." Ronda tells us technology has also gone beyond the showing process. "My clients rely on me to make this process as convenient to them as possible. Having an electronic signature allows me to have them sign documents with ease while explaining to them fully what they are signing so they don't have any concerns. This is especially helpful when miscellaneous documents need to be signed and I can avoid interrupting my clients work and home routines."

What are some of your professional goals?

So what's next for Ronda? "I plan to expand my real estate knowledge to commercial sales in the near future. I've worked a handful of smaller deals, but I'd like to focus some of my learning on larger commercial projects as well." She tells us she's also looking forward to going back to what brought her into this business. "I'd especially love to get back into housing development. It's really where I feel like I'm helping our community as a whole the most. I'm definitely looking forward to what's in store!"

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